2014-05-14 19:26:07 by Balynsus

Done with school for the summer and figuring out what to do next on newgrounds


2013-12-25 01:23:17 by Balynsus

Home for da holidays have a good one

Handel's music

2013-11-27 22:29:12 by Balynsus

Practicing a piece in the Messiah for my college choir called "Lift up your heads o ye gates". I'm sacrificing so much fun stuff right now. Its getting in the way of time spent trying to post things .

Stepping stone

2013-10-27 19:00:47 by Balynsus

So I'll be posting some cool things about myself and what I'm into soon. I've just been busy with college work so be patient. I say this to anyone who is taking interest in following me

Freshy to newgrounds

2013-09-20 17:58:05 by Balynsus

I'm a new user to Newground so whats up can't wait to do more! I've been feeling under the weather though so I'm better better